Multi Purpose Aluminum Ladder Folding Step Ladder Scaffold Extendable Heavy Duty

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Multi Purpose Aluminum Ladder ReviewOk when the box came was a little apprehensive, took it out the box and started understanding that this was an awesome ladder great for anything I needed it to be. Cost about half of what I would of paid if i went to the home store. Unbelievable how versatile this thing is pull the levers and it snaps into the next position, easy to use can’t ask for much more.

It’s easy to click the ladder into any position in a minute or so; not the same as just dragging out one ladder or another, but great to be able to carry around the same ladder and adjust it for the task at hand. It fits easily in my sedan’s trunk, and I have no problem at all moving it around and adjusting it myself.

There was minimal assembly; you just have to attach the two leg extensions. There are no directions, but you really don’t need directions. It comes with four bolts, washers and nuts. The bolts are an exact fit, you might have to use a little muscle to line up the holes, but I did not have to drill or expand the existing holes, as mentioned in another review. A little WD-40 might help coaxing the bolts.

It works as advertised and appears to be very sturdy. I’m 5’7″ around 200 lbs, it didn’t buckle or warp when I climbed or sat on it.

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For the price it’s hard to beat up on it too much. There are configurable ladders out there, built wider and with better mechanics, but they are also 3x the price.. Soo.. You just have to pick your battles =).

The light weight and the ability to use it as a step ladder or extendable ladder and easy to use makes it perfect for us. It is not only sturdy, but very flexible for a multitude of jobs. When folded up it is very compact and can easily fit into a trunk of a car.

I would definitely recommend this product to a friend or family member. Oh, and the price is one of the best reasons.

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Multi Purpose Aluminum Ladder Folding Step Ladder Scaffold Extendable Heavy Duty, reviewed by Michelle Audley rating 4.0 out of 5

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